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There are 3 phases that can best describe the process of reengagement in education and building of emotional resilience across the Cotswold SEMHD provision.

Home Tuition and Breakthrough work

Home tuition can be provided as a temporary measure, for some children who cannot attend for very clear medically reasons. This may involve home tuition staff and mentors using a number of relationship based methods to engage with and build relationships with individuals. It is therefore a priority that home tuition programs are closely monitored by a designated home tuition coordinator who meets regularly with parents and multi-agency professionals involved with the student.

Stepped Timetable

In some cases, students may have spent significant periods out of a school environment and find the move from no education at all to a full time table difficult. Expectations are high and students are encouraged to try engaging with a full timetable option on admission. Where this is not possible, students take part in a stepped timetable where they gradually build up their program from an afternoon a day, for example, to a full timetable over a fixed and regularly reviewed period of time. These students are usually those who have spent significant periods of time out of school prior to admission at Pathways Learning Centre.

Full Timetable

Students will, in the vast majority of cases, be expected to attend at Pathways and make use of the trauma informed, low arousal environment of the Cotswold class rooms. Small numbers and high teacher to student support is very different from that of mainstream provision and allows for a number of further interventions to be accommodated. A dedicated intervention team, that work in a trauma informed attachment aware approach, are able to support learners in promoting their confidence, reducing their anxiety and developing their own resilience through practical measures.

Expectations of learning, teaching and behaviour are exactly the same as for any school. Therefore, with this in mind, the learning opportunities offer an appropriate programme of education to meet individual needs. This helps students prepare for reintegration into the mainstream environment, be it in the short, medium or long term.