Covid 19 information and resources

During the period of school closure we will add any resources and information here. PLC will remain partially open throughout this difficult time. We will be supporting children of ‘Key workers’ and those in vulnerable groups who are not able to be supported at home.

South Gloucestershire Local Authority letter to parents 19 May 2020 Letter Schools Parents.Carers 180520

Update information to parents 18 May 2020 Parent update Monday 18th May 2020

Safeguarding Policy update during Covid 19 PLC Annex to Child Protection policy April 2020 (C19 response)

School closure letter update and learning resources PLC letter to parents 23.3.20

SENsational Parent Newsletter 1

10 top tips for remote learning for parents

helping-children-cope-with-stress WHO

Link to PLC art department

Link to South Glos directory of advice