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Key Information

We are a small unit with provision for up to twelve children, all of whom have a range of needs including behaviour, emotional and social difficulties.  The provision is short term whilst children are assessed and supported towards a return to mainstream or other placement, as appropriate. All children are supported by our staff in a structured integration programme for their return to a school setting.

Expectations of learning, teaching and behaviour are exactly the same as for any school. Therefore, with this in mind the learning opportunities offer an appropriate programme of education to meet individual needs.

Our role

  • On admissions all children will undertake an initial assessment to inform staff how best to plan for your child’s personalised learning programme.
  • An Individual Education Plan will be set up as soon as possible after your child has settled into the Unit and this will be discussed with you.
  • To provide inclusive learning and teaching approaches, differentiating the work as necessary in order to remove any barriers to achievement
  • To arrange/attend, as appropriate, the annual review of your child’s statement, regular reviews of the IEP, multi-agency and case conferences concerning your child
  • To have regular contact with you regarding your child’s progress

 How Parents/Carers Can Help

  •  To work with us and your child to support and encourage him/her in learning appropriate ways of behaving and socialising so that he/she can enjoy, achieve and make a positive contribution to the community
  • To contact us if you have any worries or concerns about your child

 Primary PRU Admission Procedures

 After referral:

  • Initial meeting between pupil, parent/carer and the centre head to discuss admissions pack ( to be held within 15 school days from referral)
  • Arranging of a suitable start date and timetable
  • The setting of a visit date prior to starting to meet staff and discuss daily procedures and behaviour code
  • Transport arrangements agreed

 School Uniform                                                                               

All children are expected to wear dark trousers, a white polo shirt and a PLC jumper with logo which will be provided.