PLC Admissions Criteria

For full guidance on PLC referrals and statutory duties please refer to this document PLC guidance document 1819

All permanently excluded students of statutory school age, who are resident in South Gloucestershire, will attend PLC from the 6th day of the permanent exclusion. It is the responsibility of the excluding school to provide work for the first 5 days and for parents to ensure the student is not in a public place during school hours. The excluding school must inform the Local Authority and PLC (via the PLC referral form) on the first day of the exclusion, to ensure this time scale can be adhered to.

All other referrals must be triggered via the PLC single referral form updated Feb 18. The following criteria applies:

  • We are unable to accept referrals directly from parents
  • Referrals are accepted from schools, medical professionals and the 0-25 service
  • Students must have significant Social, Emotional and / or Mental Health Difficulties (SEMHD) and be under the care of CAHMS or consultant paediatrician
  • Or, have significant medical needs that cannot be supported by their mainstream school, as outlined in the ‘South Glos Medical needs policy’
  • Students may also have other presenting needs, such as ‘Communication and interaction’ difficulties eg. ASD; ‘Cognition and learning’ difficulties eg. a specific learning difficulty; or ‘Sensory and/or physical needs’ eg. a visual impairment. However, in all cases their primary need for a referral to PLC must be SEMHD or medical as outlined above
  • We are unable to support students with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties

The role of the Fair Access – Permanent Exclusion Placement Panel

The role of the Fair Access – Permanent Exclusion Placement Panel is to secure appropriate placements for students of statutory school age, resident in South Gloucestershire, who by reason of medical need, illness or exclusion from school (or other exceptional circumstances) may not for any period receive suitable education unless such arrangements are made for them.

  • The panel will monitor the placement of all students into PLC provisions and review any placements which may need to be referred back to the mainstream school.
  • PLC endeavour to inform the referring school of the outcome of the panel’s decision within three working days.
  • PLC are unable to discuss referrals with parents until a referral has been accepted. Any parental queries regarding the referral should be directed to the mainstream school.
  • All placements agreed at panel meetings will be implemented by PLC within four working weeks.
  • In most cases, students accepted to PLC will be for an initial duration of 2 terms, on a dual roll basis.
  • Where necessary, termly review meetings, including all professionals involved with the student, will meet to discuss the suitability of the placement continuing. In some cases, students will be removed from the mainstream roll and placed on the single roll of PLC, but only when all parties agree that this is in the best interests of the young person.
  • The panel will meet many times per calendar year during term time. Fair Access – Permanent Exclusion Placement Panel dates for 19/20 are;
    • 27 Sept 2019
    • 25 Oct 2019
    • 29 Nov 2019
    • 10 Jan 2020
    • 31 Jan 2020
    • 6 March 2020
    • 3 April 2020
    • 15 may 2020
    • 12 June 2020
    • 10 July 2020
  • PLC applies a referral submission deadline of 5 working days before the panel dates above, in order to allow all documentation to be processed.  Any referrals received after these dates will be held until the next panel date. However, where possible The Head of PLC will ensure that urgent referrals are considered between panel meetings and a virtual agreement is made.