How do we identify and assess young people with SEND

All young people in PLC have significant barriers to learning, due to their experience of social, emotional and / or mental health difficulties.

On entry we liaise with schools to ensure that we have as much information as possible about their individual needs. All pupils are assessed on entry for reading and spelling. Pupils are also given a baseline assessment in every subject as soon as they are ready to engage. The baseline assessments are used to help identify targets for success and measure the progress the young people make during their time at PLC.

Some pupils may also have a Statement of SEND or EHC (Education, Health and Care) Plan to help identify the support they require.

How do we support SEND?

We aim to re-engage all young people, help them feel safe, secure and supported to achieve. Teachers and support staff recognise that young people learn and develop in different ways.  Teaching is planned to cater for these individual needs, including pupils’ social and emotional development and any requirement for extra help. This level of support is achieved through flexible programmes, small teaching groups and a nurturing environment.

What specialist services and expertise are available at PLC ?

PLC staff are highly skilled and experienced in supporting vulnerable young people. Specialist staff include the Intervention manager, SENCO, Lead Professional for Families, specialist teachers, intervention support workers and 1:1 mentors.

We work closely with many partners including parents/carers. Other specialist external specialists include; Youth Offending Team, CAMHS, FISS, YISS, Special Educational Needs Section, Educational Psychology, School Nurse, GPS, Social Care, Community Paediatrician. Additionally we access specialist support such as meditation, counselling, mentoring and other therapeutic approaches.

We constantly look to develop our offer within this area to include greater access to specialist services on site.

Additional Help

If you require additional help and support please contact the school to arrange an appointment with the SENCO.