All students at PLC follow an individual or bespoke pathway that is designed to meet their individual needs. We consider the pathway of the students frequently and involve parents and other professionals in the discussion through our student review cycle. This allows us to keep in mind the ‘journey of the student through PLC’ and the need to reflect on the progress they are making and to consider whether they are ready to move on to a new school, or stay with us a little longer. The diagram shows how the review cycle is linked to the students time at PLC.

The Pathways students follow are carefully considered and we have developed a model at PLC based on the Skuse and Matthews model which we call the ‘PLC trauma recovery model’. This helps us to define our rational for deciding which pathway would be appropriate for each student. The aim is for students to move through the pathways until they are able to operate at Pathway 1 – where they are fully engaged in learning, achieving their goals and have a clear future pathway. 

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