Pathways Learning Centre (PLC) provides education for young people who live in South Gloucestershire but are unable to attend their mainstream school. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as medical needs,  severe anxiety, mental health needs, or social and emotional difficulties. 

PLC has four core areas which support the different needs of our students as outlined below. All students also have access to highly skilled staff, small class sizes and support and intervention where appropriate. For more information on the interventions available at PLC please click here.

What are the admission criteria for the Pathways Learning Centre?

PLC is a specialist provision which can only be accessed in exceptional circumstances.  Admission can only occur through referral to the RAP (Referrals and Admissions Panel) or when a student has been permanently excluded.  Find out more >>>

The RAP panel (Referrals and Admissions Panel) for Pathways Learning Centre. Find out more >>>

Primary (Fosse)

Provides full time education and support for Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils who have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school or for those who need specialist support or intervention. Pupils typically stay with us between 3-6 months before they return to a mainstream school or a long term specialist setting if appropriate. Some pupils may stay longer. For more information about our Primary unit please click here. Find out more >>>

Secondary (Cotswold)

Provides education and support for Key Stage 3 & 4 students who are unable to attend their mainstream school due to medical need, extreme anxiety and/or mental health needs.  Students may attend full time or part groups depending upon their individual needs. All students follow a core offer of Maths, English and Science and where they are able to, they can access a range of other subjects such as Art, DT, food and nutrition, IT, RS, PSHE. Students also have the chance to experience vocational course at college or have work experience placements. Most KS4 students finish their pre-16 education with us and then we support their post 16 transition to college, sixth form, apprenticeships or suitable bridging projects. For more information about the Cotswold unit please click here.

Secondary (Frome)

Provides full time education and support for Key Stage 3 & 4  students who have been permanently excluded from a mainstream school. Most students follow a reintegration programme so that they can return to a new mainstream school.   Some students who are not ready to return to mainstream stay at PLC a little longer until such time as staff, students and parents agree they are ready to move on.  In some cases this may be to a longer term specialist setting. Students who have been permanently excluded from a second mainstream school, or are at risk of this happening will complete their pre 16 education at PLC. These students will have an individual package of core provision and offsite opportunities which best support their aspirations for post 16. Find out more >>>

Home Tuition

Provides education and support for pupils from Year 1 – Year 11 who have been referred specifically for medical reasons and are unable to attend the PLC site. English and Maths is the core offer for home tuition with many students also doing other subjects such as Art or Science.  We work very closely with students, parents and support agencies to review these programme regularly to ensure we are providing the appropriate provision. Where possible we encourage students to access learning at the PLC site or when ready support a transition back to mainstream.  For more information about home tuition please click here.  Find out more >>>