If you would like to read the report from our last inspection please click below.

Pathways Learning Centre – OFSTED Letter 07-03-2019

We continue to be a GOOD School. Please read some of the comments written in the report.

“Strong relationships underpin all aspects of the school’s work. Pupils join your school throughout the year, stay for varying lengths of time and arrive with a range of special educational needs. Often, they have had very negative experiences of education. From the outset, staff set out to understand each pupil and show empathy with the challenges that they have faced. They take time to get to know individuals and find ways to help them take important next steps in their learning.”

“Staff work together closely, and support and challenge each other well to meet your high expectations.”

“Staff and pupils demonstrate respect for each other. Pupils learn to accept and overcome the challenges that they face and persevere to work towards rightly ambitious goals.”

“Pupils of all ages make strong progress in English and mathematics and almost all of them continue into suitable further education, employment or training when they leave the school.”

Copies of all documents are available from the office.