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Year 11 Outcomes 2019

While it is difficult to compare year on year trends due to the fluid nature of the students, the outcome data demonstrates:

  • Very good outcomes when compared to national data for similar settings. eg. The latest available DfE data (2017/18) which considers the KS4 outcomes for students in Alternative Provision settings by Local Authority, demonstrates South Gloucestershire LA placed 4th nationally for Maths and English 9-4 grades at GCSE. All of the students in the South Glos cohort attended PLC.
  • 2019 outcomes demonstrate Level 2 results in both English and Maths qualifications were achieved by 16% of students at PLC and 77% acheived L1+ in English and Maths , which is  significantly above national data.
  • Students achieving 5+ 9-4 grades including English and Maths is 12% and 5+ 9-1 grades including English and Maths is 49%. Both are above national data for similar settings.
  • Students achieving at least 1 GCSE or equivalent is 91%, which is significantly higher than national.
  • 91% achieved a qualification in both English and Maths qualifications.

There were 62 Year 11 students on the roll at PLC at the end of July 2019. Students achieved up to 15 qualifications, with 14 (22%) students achieving 10+ qualifications and 33 students (53%) achieving 5+ qualifications.