Our Provision

The Local Authority has a statutory duty under Section 19 of the Education Act 1996 to make arrangements for the provision of suitable ‘education from school or otherwise than at school for children of compulsory school age who, by reason of illness, exclusion from school or otherwise, may not for any period receive suitable education unless such arrangements are made for them.’

The PLC service has been established to deliver these services on behalf of the Local Authority.

South Gloucestershire PLC is responsible for the provision of:

  1. Full time equivalent education programmes for students Year R to Year 11 who are permanently excluded from school
  2. Flexible education programmes for students who are unable to attend school because of medical needs, who will be absent for 3 weeks or more
  3. Flexible education programmes for students who are unable to attend school because of mental health difficulties and whose needs cannot be met in a mainstream provision

In addition the PLC also provides :

  1. Specific support for any new resident of SG who previously attended an out of authority Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) as a result of permanent exclusion.
  2. Specific individual student programmes commissioned by South Gloucestershire 0-25 Service eg. Waiting for placement at a specialist provision
  3. A range of traded offers of early intervention and pre PEX support packages

What is our core function?

South Gloucestershire PLC delivers teaching, pastoral and therapeutic support for children and young people who are unable to attend a mainstream school and may require a more tailored or specialist curriculum. In the vast majority of cases for referrals to PLC, children and young people fall into the ‘Social, Emotional, Mental Health Difficulties’ (SEMHD) category, or those with specific medical needs which cannot be met within the mainstream setting.

Fundamentally, PLC supports students for no longer than necessary and until such time as students are ready to return to their mainstream setting. The PLC prepares the young people for reintegration to mainstream or an alternative specialist setting, as agreed by professionals at regular ‘team around the child’ meetings.

Who do we support and work with?

We work with students from Reception to Year 11. We support young people with a range of complex medical or SEMHD needs, including those that have been permanently excluded (PEX) from school, those unable to attend mainstream school due to medical needs and those under the care and guidance of Tier 3 professionals such as CAMHS.

Children and young people may experience a wide range of social and emotional difficulties which manifest themselves in many ways. These may include becoming withdrawn or isolated, as well as displaying challenging, disruptive or disturbing behaviour. These behaviours may reflect underlying mental health difficulties such as anxiety or depression, self-harming, substance misuse, eating disorders or physical symptoms that are medically unexplained. Other children and young people may have disorders such as attention deficit disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder (CD) or Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)